The following is a list of resources in the area.  It is by no means comprehensive, but these are all agencies that I have personal experience with and would wholeheartedly recommend.

Multnomah County Crisis Line – 800 -716-9769

This is your first stop for emergency crisis needs.  They are available 24-7 and have trained and caring  staff who can see you through the worst of times.

Crisis lines for other counties are available Here.

211 – Outreach resource line.

Just dial 211 on your phone and they can connect you with many local facilities.  This includes homeless outreach, drug and alcohol resources and juvenile services.  They are fantastic!


Gateway Domestic Violence Center503-988-6400

This is a good local resource for domestic violence issues.  They have temporary housing and access to legal aid, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the police system.

Independent Living Resources – 503-232-7411

This is a disability support service.  They have groups, resources and a multitude of grant funded programs.  They provide peer support and assistance with SSI, SSD and housing.  They do a little bit of everything in the world of disability.  Additionally, they do information and referral for local resources.  This means they are available to answer questions if needed.