From time to time, everyone experiences difficulties or struggles to stay positive.  Every day, we are confronted with uncertainty, changes or even losses.  We can get bogged down with what we ‘should do’ or worry about how we are ‘supposed to’ feel.  Through no fault of our own, these thoughts can become overwhelming.  We can lose track of what makes us who we are, what gives us our sense of self worth.

When these thoughts won’t seem to go away, sometimes we need a helping hand.  Other times, we just need a break from the world, a safe space and a compassionate ear.  Headway was made to be all these things.

In the end, my goal is to help people identify their strengths, to help them rediscover abilities they might have forgotten, and to build resilience they they might have thought impossible.  It’s a true privilege to see people develop these skills, then use them to create the positive change they want in their lives.